Medicare is Changing for Colorado Residents

Medicare is Changing for Colorado Residents

Medicare Members

Medicare is changing again! . . . for Colorado residents

Don’t get STUCK in your Plan F Medicare Supplement

The State of Colorado has passed a NEW Regulation (4-3-3) allowing you to move from a PLAN F to a PLAN G with NO health questions asked. This can SAVE you hundreds of dollars a year in premium. You should have received a letter from your insurance company talking about a SEP (Special Enrollment Period). You must take action by June 30, 2021 to qualify for Guarantee Issue (no health questions).

Why is this important? Plan F Supplements are no longer available to new Medicare members turning age 65 (MACRA law 2015). The Colorado Commissioner of insurance decided people in a Plan F should have a one-time guaranteed option to change plans so they are not stuck on a plan with spiraling rate increases.

EXAMPLE of Savings for Current Clients:

Female Non-Smoker AGE 75

Current Plan F $241.33/month

NEW Plan G $122.50/month

Male Non-Smoker Age 82

Current Plan F $342.93/month

NEW Plan G $207.38/month

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Tammey and Tom Sullivan (residents of Ken Caryl Ranch)

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 We are insurance brokers – representing dozens of companies

 Well versed on the new Colorado law Regulation 4-3-3
We’ll compare your current plan to the new options available
 We guide . . . you decide

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Tammey and Tom’s knowledge of Medicare is incredible. They were so thorough in helping me pick the plan that was best for my situation.

Judy B. (client since 2010, Ken Caryl resident)

It’s amazing how much money I’m saving in Medicare costs after becoming a client of Tom’s. He reviews my drug plan every year to make sure I’m on the best plan.

Roger L. (client since 2016, Ken Caryl resident)